How To Invest In The Metaverse: Beginner’s Guide for 2023

There has been a lot of buzz about the metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg renamed his company Facebook to meta platforms. Inspiring a new wave of metaverse entrance and development by the largest companies in the world.

VR(Virtual Reality) is becoming more popular than ever. With the advent of incredible blockchain technologies it feels as though anything is possible but what exactly is the metaverse? and is it worth the insane hype and excitement it’s been generating.

Today I’m giving you guys everything you need to know about the metaverse and how to invest in it.

What is the Metaverse?

How To Invest In The Metaverse

The metaverse is basically a virtual universe where humans can interact with the virtual world and each other. This includes:

  • Things like building structures.
  • Being able to talk to and hear other humans.
  • Hosting and participating in events inside the virtual world and much more.

All these things that are made possible through a combination of VR. So, virtual reality technology such as eye tracking, hand tracking, augmented reality to replicate your real-life interactions and more.

I find it really interesting that the metaverse actually opens up a new way to make money which I think is really going to change how businesses operate. Especially on the marketing sector. So, a little known fact is that the term metaverse, it actually comes from the science fiction novel snow crash back in 1992. Which is basically about a guy who delivered pizzas in real life and a hacker with a katana in the metaverse.

So, since then the term has been referenced in movies like ready player one and enhanced with platforms like VR chat, which is a video game platform where people can interact with others using 3d avatars and worlds. And now with the development of the metaverse a feature depicted in the books and movies doesn’t seem like it’s too far away.

The Metaverse Economy

What really makes the metaverse so similar to real life is its economy which allows the members to support itself so things like NFTs, games and events they let the digital universe run by itself,

What makes it so attractive to so many users is the fact that you can explore the metaverse from your own home.

Where is the Metaverse?

I’m sure you guys already know this but for those of you don’t, the metaverse is located on the internet and more specifically on Web3.

Web3 is basically the internet except it’s decentralized through blockchain technology. This basically means that there is no one in control that can shut everything down. If you were to upload something onto web3 you’d have full control over it.

How To Invest In The Metaverse

There would be no censorship from what we have now with web 2 platforms such as You Tube, Facebook and Google. They have control over whether or not they want to change or delete something off of the internet.

You guys haven’t heard the term web3 it’s basically the same as web 3.0 just a different way of saying it. So here’s some other examples of platforms in the metaverse we have crypto voxels, Decentraland which some of you guys may have heard. We have Somnium space, Roblox VR chats sandbox. Even things like Fortnite and Minecraft which you guys probably heard of. These games are also great examples of the metaverse.

What currency is used in the Metaverse?

Because the metaverse is decentralized in the blockchain, it’s only right that they use cryptocurrencies that are also on the blockchain. There are a bunch of different types of cryptocurrencies that are used for different projects.

For example mana, that is the currency for decentraland, which is one of the largest members platforms. It’ll actually be taking us through central land just to show you guys how that website works.

A brief explanation of NFTs

NFTs also known as Non-fungible tokens. If you guys aren’t familiar with NFTs, they’re basically assets that are unique and original on the blockchain. If you own a picture NFT of an avatar.

For example, the ownership of that NFT can actually be traced to your unique id through the blockchain. This means that there can’t be any fakes and no one can steal your NFT. Because if they were to try to present a fake it can be verified as fake through the blockchain.

So what do NFTs have to do with the members? Since everything in the metaverse is NFT based from small items like purses to large assets like virtual land. If you buy an item or an asset in the metaverse, it’s really crucial to the integrity of the system that you are able to verify that you actually own the item.

NFTs are only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to the many possibilities within the metaverse in VR you can play games, earn assets host, attend events, create and monetize virtual assets and skills build businesses and more with the metaverse. You can literally live a separate double life from your real life right. You can be living a life as a college student in a real universe and simultaneously you can be living a life as a tour guide in the metaverse or something like that. It really is an alternate reality or dimension.

Why is the Metaverse important?

We live in a time where if you have access to the metaverse you can meet up and see your friends or family without leaving your own bedroom. It also presents a new digital economy where businesses can be created and marketed from far.

I really do think that this can be the future of internet and technology. So it’s super important to pay attention to the development of the metaverse. Because similar to the beginning of the internet there was a lot of questioning as to whether or not expanding the internet would result in good or bad for society.

Right now we are seeing the same questions take place and pretty soon if history is to repeat itself. The metaverse will take over just as the internet did in the early 2000s with the expansion and technological advancement of society.

Investing in the Metaverse

There are going to be so many opportunities out there just like during the internet explosion. The metaverse valued at over 40 billion dollars in the year 2020. Experts are actually predicting that the metaverse will soon reach a value of 800 billion dollars by the year 2024 and then 10 to 30 trillion dollars within 10 to 15 years.

That is absolutely huge growth potential. While all this is still speculation and in question you should as always proceed with caution while recognizing that the hype and the excitement is you know pretty justified. If the mattress is to grow that much in the next decade you definitely don’t want to be the one who doubted and lost out on all of the potential profit.

So how can you actually capitalize on this moment in time where the members is in its beginning stages. The great news is that there are many different parts and sectors to invest in so we’re going to get into all those right now.

3 main ways to invest in Metaverse

How To Invest In The Metaverse

There are three main ways to invest in Metaverse:

  1. Stocks
  2. Land
  3. NFTs

1. Stocks

With stocks, you can invest in companies that are working on building and expanding the metaverse for the future.

2. Land

With land you’d be investing in virtual land or real estate. It’s not just limited to virtual home. For example, you guys can go on sandbox. Buy a plot of land on the platform and then rent it out for profit.

3. NFTs

For NFTs, you guys can invest in virtual assets such as pictures. Those pictures could have actual value associated with them, actual utility where it comes with maybe a membership to a group or access to a particular event. For example, Coachella just dropped their NFT project and they’re actually giving out 10 passes, that allow you to have unlimited access to Coachella for the rest of your life.

Huge Metaverse Stocks to consider

Let’s first talk about investing in stocks. This is probably going to be a way that a lot of you guys can start investing today. It’s pretty simple and let’s just talk about some of the huge member stocks that you could look into investing in. As they are all involved in the future expansion and development of VR.

How To Invest In The Metaverse

Today I’m going to go over Meta, Matterport, Unity, and Nvidia.

I highly recommend you for you guys to actually do your own due diligence and look into these other member stocks. As well as, pay attention to any other stocks that may emerge in the future.

1. Meta Platforms ($FB)

So, first we have meta platforms, they are formerly known as Facebook and if you guys have kept up with news. You probably already knew that but Facebook has recently renamed itself to “men to switch gears in light of the future” which is the metaverse.

Their new primary goal is to dedicate themselves to this metaverse, using their resources, reputation and money to spearhead the metaverse movement. Being the parent organization of oculus, which actually makes the quest to VR headsets.

They’re also working on products like the ray-ban stories smart glasses. There’s a lot of potential that the big leaders of technology are seeing in the virtual reality industry med platforms recently actually missed their earnings estimates dropped about 20%. This might be a good time to invest in meta for the long term.

2. Matter port

This is a company that specializes in 3d capturing technology. Basically their technology helps businesses and consumers bring real world buildings, rooms and environments to life in VR. There’s so many use cases for this such as selling real estate construction, insurance claims and especially the creation and implementation of digital replicas of stores, restaurants, parks, home interior and anything else into the metaverse.

When I was selling homes, I was using Matterport. They had a really great camera and software that you could use to actually create 3d renderings of homes. It’s a very popular thing that most realtors will use for high-end homes .

3. Unity

This is a tech company that’s known for its successful game development platform. If you guys have ever played video games online. You’ve probably heard of unity as they’ve been responsible for the creation of games like Hearthstone, Rust, Assassin’s creed and even the mobile game Crossy road.

They’ve recently acquired Weta digital, which is a visual effects company that was responsible for the visual effects for films like Avatar, the planet of the apes and super realistic looking movies and with this reliable and outstanding reputation.

Unity really wants to be the premier developer and provider of metaverse building tools. They have the means and resources to heavily contribute to the development of the metaverse and then

4. Nvidia

This is one of the leading chip makers in the tech industry With Nvidia’s powerful graphics chips and experience running platforms similar to the members. The expansion of the network can be safe from crashes and run smoothly with proper processing power.

Not to mention, they also have a platform that allows for people to collaborate and simulate virtual projects through Nvidia’s 3d platform “omniverse“.

Virtual Real Estate

With real estate in the metaverse it’s a little bit different than the real world. There is infinite land in the new universe. It’s no longer competition necessarily for precious space but rather who has the best real estate platform or the most used platform.

So, take sandbox for example and let’s compare it to the central land sandbox currently has a goal of bringing the platform to mobile devices by the end of 2022. While their competition doesn’t have a clear road map set in place.

Sandbox has partners like snoop dogg, Binance, Adidas and the tv series the “walking dead”, “the central land”. It has partners like Samsung, Polygon and Atari.

But the mavericks being a new and young space, demand for digital land can only go up from here and it’s really up to who can make the best platform for people to use and invest. You can start a view as a platform like Facebook or a network channel as long as you have a lot of views or people on the platform

Then it’s going to be heavily monetizable as well as really in demand. So now, let’s consider the following digital real estate investment.

1. Event space

This is an example of how important virtual land is. Whether it be in-person or online, people will always naturally want to gather. We are social creatures and we need land and real estate for events like meetings, concerts and celebrations.

The cool part is that if you own a digital venue and you rent it out, you can actually make money so just imagine like being able to pay for a live concert or attend a meeting from your home.

There will definitely be some cool use cases when you have your own avatar. You guys are actually able to meet in the metaverse in VR. I definitely think that there is a lot of potential for the space especially if you want to generate recurring revenue.

Another opportunity is having office space in the metaverse with so many new opportunities opening up in the metaverse. There’s sure to be commercial real estate for businesses to communicate and collaborate with their workers in the metaverse.

Virtual Advertising

Virtual land also comes in the form of advertising space, similar to how we have limited space on the internet now for advertisements. In the future there’s going to be platforms that emerge as the best or most used. From there the advertisements will compete to have a chance to advertise their product or service on that platform.

This basically would allow for companies to reach out to new markets and more potential customers in the members which will yield pretty interesting results. Companies will want to buy land to put their giant billboards just as they do on freeways and on the side of buildings right now in the real world.

Think of it as a whole new set of real estate infrastructure that these companies can actually put advertising on another reason.

Shopping in the Metaverse

Why businesses would want to shift towards metaverse real estate is because of all the new opportunities to market their products or services in the virtual marketplace.

For example, you imagine being able to go to the mall to look at clothes and shoes that you want to buy. In the metaverse you don’t have to actually drive to the mall or you know walk to the store. I mentioned that in the future you won’t have to actually buy things online wearing. If you will fit or not in them because you’ll actually be able to try on in the virtual universe.

New experiential opportunities

If you have a plot of land in the metaverse, you guys could rent that out to potentially hundreds of retailers and profit a ton from your investment along with being able to give customers a better shopping experience.

Land can also be used to give people entertaining and engaging experiences so inside the metaverse no reality is impossible. There will be a huge demand if a platform is able to give that experience to people. You have to get creative with finding out what you guys can use your virtual land to do.

But if you can think of something and be one of the first people to do it then that’s going to be extremely profitable.

How to buy/invest in land in the Metaverse?

So now, that we’ve gone over all of the incentives and potential profit people have in buying land in the members. Let’s now go over how to actually buy and invest in land.

First you need to get a digital wallet where you will then store different cryptocurrencies that you can use to actually purchase digital real estate. Which crypto you use will depend on the members platform that you plan on investing into so the next thing you need to do is to select a platform.

You guys can either purchase directly inside of the members platform or you can buy land through third-party platforms like OpenSea. Once you’ve found your method of purchase you can either buy it. If there’s already a set price or you can make an offer. Ifthe owner is open to accepting and rejecting offers.

Keep in mind that values are still speculative if you compare the value of land a year ago to what it is right now. Everything has increased in price and that’s just because demand has soared, while the supply has not really gone up.

So, if you guys are able to identify a piece of land that is an area that is going up in demand like there’s projects being created around it. Then the value of that land is going to go up.

How to buy Decentraland?

We’re going to show you really quick how to buy virtual land in the members and more specifically on a members platform like the central land. So, in the central land there are 90,601 parcels of land. You can actually separate them out into parcels and estates.

Parcels are one by one land plots. Estates are two or more adjacent one-by-one land plots.

How To Invest In The Metaverse

So I’m here on the Decentraland website. You can see that this is the home page and if you guys are looking to actually look at buying some land. You guys can “click here” start browsing and you can come up here to land. You can see that they have land and they have collectibles. We’re going to check out land right now.

This is basically just a map of all the different parcels and estates that are available. You can see that the light blue colors. These are actually for sale and the ones that are grayed out these are actually already owned by someone.

I click on one of these so you can see, this is parcel is owned by this person. It will show you any highlights for that particular parcel and you can see that for this one. There’s a road seven parcels away this is on the Ethereum network.

So, if you do want to bid on this one you can click bid right here going back let’s check out one of these uh parcels that are actually free to buy.

Platforms for purchasing Metaverse land

So, now I’m going to talk a little bit more about the four platforms to buy members land.


That’s one I just went over and showed you guys the inside. Decentraland is the oldest metaverse platform with one layer divided into a grid and a limited supply of land which increases demand.

2. Somnium Space

This is a members world on the Ethereum blockchain that’s divide unevenly into different plots. This basically means that players can build script and monetize their own environments which I think is super cool because if you can make an entertaining and engaging environment for people to enjoy. You can actually get paid for that.

3. Cryptovoxels

This is an unevenly divided metaverse layer on the Ethereum blockchain that was inspired by the popular game Minecraft. The cryptovoxels team is constantly generating new islands and parcels where people can buy land and build stores along with art galleries.

4. Sandbox

This is probably the most popular platform right now for the metaverse and it’s an evenly divided metaverse layer where there’s a limited supply of land that are all the same size.

Investing in Metaverse NFTs

Metaverse NFTs are digital assets with unique and provable ownership through the blockchain. I know a lot of you guys are thinking about art when you think of NFTs. Few knows that, it actually encompasses all assets that a person can have in the members. This includes things like weapons, equipment, clothing and more to invest in NFTs.

You can either create your own NFT and begin marketing and selling it in the metaverse or to buy an NFT that you think will rise in value as time goes on.

With the first option you guys have the possibility of making passive income off the transaction fees from your NFT being sold and traded on the marketplace.

Generally people will set like a five to ten percent residual which basically means that every time it’s sold on the marketplace. You are getting that five to ten percent. Now when you’re buying empties, the whole concept is the same as investing into anything.

You want to buy low and you want to sell high so you’re buying something with the intention that it’s going to go up in value over time.

Speculations/risk assessment related to Metaverse

I want to remind you guys that as smart investors we have to consider the risks of all investments especially with the fact that the, metaverse is not yet fully developed.

Here’s some things that you guys should consider:

  • It’s not all positive news the mavericks it’s completely novel.
  • It’s not fully developed, people don’t like that the metaverse is actually detaching humanity from the real world.
  • other people are criticizing the members as lacking real or legitimate value.
  • Others are saying that anything involving the members is just mere conjecture and that’s super volatile and uncertain.

Investing in the members is much much different than investing in index funds, which have a lot of historical price movements right. You can literally look to see the SP500. How it’s moved in the last 1500 years.

Looking forward towards the Future

With the members this thing is brand new, and it’s going to be extremely volatile so as such you need to invest accordingly and you know manage that risk in my opinion.

It’s better to look towards the future with optimism because with any investment there are no guarantees. Although the metaverse might not be the best for humanity or have that much value right now.

I do think that the world is becoming more digital and if you don’t take the time now to examine the risks with investing.

If it’s something that you truly believe in and something that you want to invest in and from there make a guide decision, whether or not you want to actually put your hard-earned money into this. There’s really so much more for you guys to learn and if you guys are interested in any specific uh land platforms or NFTs or coins.

Make sure you to do a lot of research for each of those things before you purchase it the last thing you want to do is just purchase something without understanding what it is, why you are buying it.

I found that a lot of my investments where I sort of blindly went to something did not turn out that well. There are always new NFTs projects coming out with low floor prices. You don’t need to have a ton of money to buy NFTs. You can easily buy crypto, there are tons of different platforms out there like Coinbase & Gemini.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the blog post, I know we went through a lot of different things in this post. It really feels like we just scratched the surface. We could talk about each of these things for hours and hours, but this is a beginner’s guide.

This is just going to give you a good idea of how to actually start investing in the metaverse. It’s also going to make you think is the metaverse something I want to actually put my money into.

Let me know what you guys think about the metaverse. Comment down below and make sure to share it with your friends & family. If you want to see more content just like this, visit our Homepage. I have a ton of blog posts about personal finance, investing in entrepreneurship,

Thank you so much for your time.

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