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Welcome to Welcome to a new fresh post. In this blog post we are going to talk about the top 20 best monthly paying dividend stocks to buy now.

Some recent retirees have trouble when they stop getting a regular paycheck and have to start living off their Investments. These people occasionally have to make difficult decisions due to unavoidable costs and daily Market volatility such as whether to sell a profitable stock at a bad time in order to cover expenses.

There is an alternative to slowly depleting your savings to cover your retirement expenses with this tactic dividend stocks, bonds and other assets are used to generate regular income because they provide cash flow every 30 days rather than every three months as is customary on Wall Street.

Monthly dividend stocks are becoming an increasingly popular option for income Investments. All 19 of the stocks on our list pay dividends and while there is risk involved with them as there is with all Investments. They might be worth considering for portfolios that place a strong emphasis on income.

1. Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Broadmark Realty capital is a wreath that provides financial services for Real Estate Investors and Developers. The company offers short-term first deed of trust loans backed by real estate to fund Acquisitions Renovations or development of residential or commercial real estate.

Since its Inception in 2010 Broadmark has funded more than 1200 real estate loans and deployed 3.8 billion dollars in capital.

The company has a 1.6 billion dollars active Diversified loan portfolio with exposure to properties in 20 U.S states. The portfolio consists of 227 active loans with an average loan size of about 7 million.

Broadmark Realty Capital dividend yield 12.3 percent as of September 2022.

2. Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PBA)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Pembina pipeline is an oil and gas infrastructure and pipeline company that operates mainly in western Canada. So far in 2022 Pembina has provided investors with a powerful one-two punch of a rising stock price and regular monthly dividend of about 16.5 cents per share.

Pembina Shares are up more than 20% year-to-date. Due to Soaring oil and gas prices the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine suggests Energy prices will likely remain elevated for the foreseeable future.

Pembina has also said it plans to raise its monthly dividend by 0.75 cents or 3.6% per share once it completes a joint venture deal with KKR likely in the third quarter. Pembina pipeline Corps dividend yield is 5.5 percent as of September 2022.

3. LTC Properties Incorporation (LTC)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

LTC is a monthly dividend stock focused on one of the most stable businesses out there senior housing and skilled nursing facilities. These are recession-proof expenses as loved ones continue to pay for aging family members care in any economic environment resulting in a highly reliable Revenue stream for LTC.

Due to this risk-off appeal LTC stock has raised up more than 25% since January 1st even as the rest of Wall Street has struggled in 2022. That’s not including the generous dividend which has continued to roll in and add a big monthly payday on top of the share price return.

If you want a regular payday with stability this stock may be worth a look.

LTC properties Incorporation’s dividend yield is 5.2 percent as of September 2022.

4. Horizon technology Finance Corporation (HRZM)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

If you want the stability of a monthly dividend stock that delivers consistent income but you also want the potential for growth consider Horizon. As the name implies this financial firm invests in high-tech and high potential startups including medical technology and green energy opportunities as well as traditional electronics and software.

Though a rough environment has caused HRZN to drop about 20% this year. That’s not as bad as some other Tech focused opportunities and is similar to the rest of Wall Street. The generous monthly dividend is a good hedge against further declines. The growth-oriented business could set investors up for growth if and when Bluer Skies return to Wall Street.

Horizon technology Finance Corps dividend yield is 9.9% as of September 2022.

5. Gladstone Capital Corporation (GLAD)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Gladstone operates much like a venture capital fund or private Equity Firm searching out profitable investments in other businesses and passing a piece of the profits onto shareholders.

It is primarily focused on small opportunities through Investments ranging from 7 million dollars to 30 million dollars a piece. Its portfolio includes positions in restaurants manufacturers, technology enterprises and others.

The Diversified debt portfolio helps to deliver consistent payouts every month that is roughly five times that of the typical S&P 500 stock. Gladstone Capital Corps dividend yield is 8.3% as of September 2022.

6. Cross Timbers Royalty Trust (CRT)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Cross Timbers royalty trust is the smallest stock on this list at just under 150 million dollars in market capitalization. It is a monthly dividend stock in the energy space that’s worth a look because of its partnership model that slowly brings its energy reserves to Market and delivers the majority of the profit from those sales right back to shareholders

At the end of last year, CRT boasted 2.5 million barrels of oil and 14.3 billion cubic feet of natural gas underground. So there are ample resources left to ensure continued payouts for a while. With a generous yield among the largest on this list this monthly dividend stock is worth a look despite its small size

Energy prices remain elevated in 2022 and chances of this small cap stock will continue to provide big dividends in the near term. Cross Timbers royalty trust dividend yield is 8% as of September 2022.

7. Apple Hospitality Incorporated (APLE)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Apple Hospitality read has a diverse portfolio of upscale hotel properties that span almost 90 different markets in 34 states. These properties are branded under the Marriott Hilton and Hyatt name plates and include Locale such as Boca Raton, San Diego and New York City.

With pent-up demand for travel in the wake of the pandemic, Apple has seen strong Revenue lately and its stock has responded in kind.

Apple Hospitality reach shares are down just under five percent year-to-date which is pretty darn good considering the S&P 500 is down about 18 in the same period. Apple Hospitality reads dividend yield is 5.4% as of September 2022.

8. Agree Realty Corporation (ADC)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Agree is a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT. If you’re unfamiliar this special class of Corporation is granted preferential tax treatment to facilitate its capital intensive operations.

And in exchange all REITs must deliver 90% of taxable income back to shareholders. Agree is primarily engaged in net leased retail properties meaning tenants pay for the upkeep in taxes.

While ADC just cashes the rent checks. Its diverse portfolio spans 45 States and comprises 21 million square feet of gross leasable property with tenants such as Walmart Incorporated and Home Depot, that makes for a stable operation.

That can support regular monthly dividend payments to shareholders. Agree Realty core dividend yield is 3.7 percent as of September 2022.

9. Stag industrial Incorporated (STAG)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

With the theme of REITs this is another monthly dividend paying stock that is widely considered a good inflation hedge making its inclusion in this list. A no-brainer stag industrial owns industrial Logistics and Warehouse real estate

These niches have performed particularly in recent years well as the retail economy continues to migrate more and more out of brick and mortar shops and into the online e-commerce space.

With a current market cap of 5.6 billion dollars growth prospects for stag look pretty good and the forward dividend yield is stable at 4.16 as of August. Adding some exposure to Prime well managed Logistics and Industrial real estate occupied by grade a tenant seems like a good idea for investor keen to hedge against inflation and earn a decent clip at the same time.

10. Realty income Corp (O)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Realty income is probably one of the most popular stocks with investors focused on creating solid monthly income streams. The whole identity of the company is predicated on the fact that it delivers a monthly dividend and has been doing so consistently since its Incorporation.

It even brands itself as the monthly dividend company. Realty income owns commercial real estate that at least is exclusively to grade a tenants on long-term leases of typically 10 years or more.

Realty income makes the grade for out list of the best monthly income dividend stocks because the company’s portfolio is in great shape owning over 11 400 commercial properties with a 98.9% occupancy rate and 1100 tenants operating in 72 separate Industries while delivering a yield at the lower end of our selection at around 3.97. Realty income is a solid player that makes sense in any portfolio.

11. EPR properties (EPR)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

EPR is a stock with a lot to offer. It’s an entertainment related REIT. It focuses Resorts, Theaters and other lifestyle properties catering to consumers. Looking to get away from it all EPR had been a strong performer in 2022 before news that its second largest tenant.

Cinema operator Regal Entertainment was closing some money losing locations in the wake of the bankruptcy of its parent company. But while that news isn’t ideal the market reaction may have been a bit too severe as Regal accounts for less than 15% percent of EPR’s revenue.

It’s unlikely that every single location will close and EPR may find a competing theater chain to take up the vacancies besides with an 8.9 dividend yield EPR gives you something in exchange for taking on the top line risks.

12. Pennant Park floating rate (PFLT)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Miami-based Pennant Park offers one of the most generous and consistent yields on Wall Street. PFLT is a financial oriented monthly dividend stock that operates as a business development company or BDC.

This is a fancy way of saying it makes debt and Equity investments in pursuit of capital gains and then passes the profits onto shareholders via generous dividends. The company says it focuses on opportunities with defensible business models that will generate strong returns in any Market including a chain of veterinary clinics, a government contractor and Health Care software firms.

These kinds of businesses should be resilient even if consumer spending continues to see short-term pressure. Pennant Park floating rate Capital dividend yield is 9.4%.

13. SL Green Realty Corporation (SLG)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

One of the hardest hit stocks on this list SLG May provide upside opportunity for aggressive investors willing to buy and hold. As Manhattan’s largest office landlord, this 2.5 billion dollars real estate company holds interests in roughly 90 buildings totaling more than 38 million square feet of space.

However, thanks to the remote work Trend. A resulting reshuffle SLG has been under pressure in 2022 with shares slumping about 50 percent. The rear-looking yield is quite generous based on current monthly dividends but there’s a chance that if SL green doesn’t see a recovery.

Its distributions will become unsustainable. Still if you’re confident in the long-term potential of New York and you think the current market Mayhem is almost over SLG offers a bargain buy with a tremendous yield of 9.7%.

14. Stellus capital investment Corporation (SCM)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)

Stellus is one of the smallest stocks on this list at just less than 300 million dollars in market value. Its dividend is roughly five times that of the S&P 500 index. Shares have hung tough since January. Posting just a small single digit decline on the year but the generous distributions have more than made up for that drop.

Besides with the S&P 500 down more than 20% that relatively insignificant loss is actually quite a good thing. What’s more in 2022 SCM bumped up its payout from 9.3 cents per share at the end of 2021 to 11.3 cents per month.

At present as an asset manager with a diverse portfolio of firms SCM doesn’t depend on any one industry or company. That diversification means it is a well-built operation that should continue to throw off generous and reliable dividends

15. Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Main Street Capital Corporation is a private Equity Firm that invests in lower Middle Market companies with revenues between 10 million and 150 million dollars. The company has been around since the mid-1990s. In that time it has helped over 200 private companies grow.

It focuses on companies with strong competitive advantages stable, positive cash flow and season management teams with established track records MAIN’s current dividend yield is 7.79% .

16. Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Prospect Capital Corporation is a business development company that makes debt and Equity investments in Middle Market companies in the United States. It does so across many Industries and aims to provide stable returns to investors.

Its portfolio includes 7.7 billion dollars worth of assets and it has funded more than 375 Investments. Its website notes that it has declared more than 3.7 billion dollars of dividends for investors. Analysts surge caution giving the stock a hold rating. Prospect stock is considered undervalued and Zacks reports that Prospect has outperformed the market so far this year and beaten analysts earnings estimates in each of the last four quarters.

Prospect Capital Corps dividend yield as of October of 2022 was 10.79%.

17. AGNC Investment corporation (AGNC)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

AGNC Investment corporation is Enrique that invests in Residential Mortgages. Specifically it invests in mortgage-backed securities although it invests on a leveraged basis.

Its Investments are mainly an agency mortgage-backed Securities which means they are backed by government-sponsored Enterprises or government agencies. This can help reduce risk for investors. AGNC’s dividend yield is the highest on this list.

18. Ellington (EFC)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Ellington Financial Incorporated acquires and manages mortgage consumer corporate and other related Financial Assets in the United States. The company acquires and manages residential mortgage-backed Securities backed by Prime jumbo manufactured housing and subprime Residential Mortgage Loans.

The company also provides collateralized loan obligations, mortgage-related and non-mortgage-related derivatives, Equity Investments, Mortgage Originators and other strategic Investments.

In August of 2022 Ellington reported that its book value per share declined from $17.74 to $16.22 during the last three months. With its dividend exceeding the underlying earnings the monthly dividend remains at $0.15.

19. Dynex Capital (DX)

Broadmark Realty Capital Incorporated (BRMK)-Top Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks

Dynex is a real estate investment trust or REIT that uses borrowed money to invest in mortgage loans and securities. Its portfolio is a little more diverse. Just over 90 percent of its portfolio is invested in agency, residential, mortgage-backed Securities and bonds made out of the mortgages of ordinary Americans

It also has exposure to commercial mortgage-backed securities and a small allocation to non-agency securities. It’s important to remember that the mortgage rate sector was eviscerated by the pandemic bear Market. When the world first went under lockdown. It wasn’t immediately clear that millions of Americans would be able to continue paying their mortgages which led investors to sell first and ask questions later.

In the bloodbath that followed many mortgage rates took catastrophic losses and some failed altogether, Dynex is one of the survivors. Any mortgage rate that could survive the upheaval of 2020 is one that can likely survive the apocalypse. Your risk of Ruin should be very modest Dynex trades at a 12% discount to book value and sports a juicy yield of nearly 10% .

We could see some more volatility in the space as the Federal Reserve continues to push rates higher but for now this looks like one of the best monthly dividend stocks to buy if you’re looking for seriously high yield.

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